Commodity trading is one of the essential business areas of China Grand Enterprises Group of which the core enterprise is Grand Industrial Holding Co., Ltd.

    Grand Industrial Holding Co.,Ltd.

    Founded in 1994, Grand Industrial Holding Co., Ltd. has developed into one of the largest commodity dealers in China, and has been listed in the top 500 Chinese enterprises for consecutive years.

    Grand Industrial Holding Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the trade of petrochemical, energy and chemical, metal, agricultural products, rubber and other bulk commodities, forming a pattern of main business period and spot combination, import and export mutual complement, and domestic and foreign trade linkage. The company has more than 30 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries nationwide, and has set up business bodies in certain overseas regions, forming a strategic layout of serving the whole country and going to the world.

    By adhering to the enterprise spirit of "loyalty, simplicity, diligence and innovation" and making positive innovation based on market changes, the company has developed from a traditional trader to a bulk commodity dealer and established strategic partnership with certain the world's top 500 enterprises or industry giants in the upstream to provide fast and high-quality information, warehousing, logistics, similar finance, trading and other services for the upstream and downstream industry chain. The company has complete futures and cash management and risk control system, and a professional research team of more than 100 members, which complement and promote the futures and spot business. In practice, the company has explored the development path of avoiding industry risks, maintaining channel expansion and realizing sustainable profitability and is striving to build an international enterprise group with leading position in the industry.

    Grand Industrial Holding Co., Ltd. has established the business philosophy of "taking customers as the center and risk management as the core", and has laid out a distribution network mainly based on end users. The company pays attention to inheritance and innovation, adapts to the changes of the market, seeks development through innovation, and gradually forges a large, inheritable and respectable international commodity resource manager with superior resources and lower control channels.