The pharmaceuticals and healthcare business is one of the most important businesses in CGE. The business covers a number of different areas, including chemical pharmaceuticals, bio-pharmaceuticals, traditional Chinese medicines (Chinese patent drugs and Chinese herbal materials), pharmaceutical business, retail drugstore chain, etc.

    China Grand Enterprises Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare (hereinafter referred to as CGE Healthcare) has established several core industrial platforms within her controlled subsidiary companies, which include Huadong Medicine, Grand Pharmaceutical Group, Lei Yunshang Pharmaceutical Group and Grand Biotech Group. The group owns more than 500 patents, one state-classified formula, 1,045 registered products, and 47 exclusive products. The sales network spreads all over the world. It has developed and maintained close collaborations with over 10,000 second-tier or above hospitals, 40,000 plus primary healthcare facilities and top 100 chain drugstores nationwide, which supports the fast development of the enterprise. 

    CGE Healthcare is committed to adhere to the business principle of being research-oriented, customer-focused and market-driven, and has always taken innovation as its strategic focus. Through the construction of independent research and development platform, industry-university-research collaborative innovation and international cooperation, it has continuously put new products into market, providing guarantee for the high-speed sustainable development of the enterprise. CGE Healthcare has built a comprehensive business model in her pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry that integrates R&D, production and distribution. Focusing on both domestic and global markets, CGE Healthcare has developed a business model to combine traditional Chinese and Western medicines.

    Huadong Medicine

    Huadong Medicine, with Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd as its core company has set up subsidiaries and production bases in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Xi'an, Yancheng and other places. It is a well-known large comprehensive medicine corporation in China integrating modern pharmaceutical industry, modern medicine business and China’s leading pharmaceutical research and development center. It is mainly engaged in the production of high-end pharmaceuticals at home and abroad for immunization, digestion, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases and tumor, and has amassed rich experience in market development, especially in the field of digestion and metabolism. It is gradually developing the markets in Europe and the United States.

    The main business of the Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd.  is comprised of pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical commerce. The heart of the pharmaceutical industry is Hangzhou China-US Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary and a state high-tech and innovative enterprise. Ranked in the top 50 pharmaceutical companies in China, it is the biggest R&D and production enterprise for organ transplant and diabetes in terms of product diversity and sales volume. In the field of pharmaceutical commerce, the company is a comprehensive pharmaceutical commerce enterprise with the biggest scale and the best strength in Zhejiang Province. The business covers the direct sales to hospitals, commercial allocation, drug approval and terminal distribution. In recent years, the company has won many awards, including the second prize of the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology for “key technology in the industrialization of acarbose raw materials and preparations”; in 2010, it was named “Top 20 most competitive pharmaceutical listed companies”; in 2012 and 2013, it was rated one of the “Top 100 Taurus listed companies”; in 2014, it was named “Top 10 pharmaceutical companies with the best investment value.” The company has been shortlisted for Top 500 Enterprises of China. In 2015 and 2016, it was listed for the “Asia-Pacific Region’s Best Listed Companies” released by the Forbes. Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd. is cooperating with the relevant government bodies and research / medical institutions. It has set up one Chinese Academy of Sciences workstation and national postdoctoral station, and won two state-level awards.

    Grand Pharmaceutical Group

    Grand Pharmaceutical Group, with Grand Pharmaceutical(China)Co., Ltd. as its core company, has become a world-class comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise group. Globally, it is the world’s first pharmaceutical company to put forward the ENT treatment concept. Transforming from the product side to the service side, the company focuses on the feelings of consumers when providing therapeutic products, and creates international health industry alliance of ENT. As a leader in critical cardiovascular care in China, the company has sound performance in the pharmaceutical market. The core products of Grand Pharmaceutical (China) Co., Ltd. cover three major business areas: ENT, cardiovascular emergency equipment / instruments, and biotechnology and characteristic APIs. The company has developed core products in various pharmaceutical and treatment categories, such as Tirofiban in cardiovascular drugs, Ruizhu and Pirenoxine in ophthalmic drugs, Qienuo and Xylometazoline in ENT drugs, ocular surface test paper and ophthalmic surgical supplies in medical instruments, high-end amino acids and derivatives produced by a variety of bio-engineering techniques. Products are sold in dozens of countries and regions in Asia, Europe and North America. The company was listed in “China’s Top 100 pharmaceutical industry enterprises” in 2011, and was ranked in the “List of Chinese enterprises in pharmaceutical industry for comprehensive strength” for many years. In 2014, the company cooperated with Institute of Material Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in developing drugs for rare diseases, and blazed a trail in the R & D of drugs for rare diseases in China. In 2015, the acquisition of German Cardionovum marks the company’s foray into the field of vascular intervention devices. The high-end supplies for cardiovascular intervention imported from Germany, ranging from drug-coated balloon to stents, have covered the coronary artery and peripherals as well as vascular access in China. In 2016, Grand Pharmaceutical (China) Co., Ltd. was named the national demonstration enterprise for intellectual property rights. The possession of independent intellectual properties creates more favorable conditions for the enterprise in the global market.

    Leiyunshang Pharmaceutical Group

    Based on the 300-year-old “Leiyunshang” brand, Leiyunshang Pharmaceutical Group upholds the mission of “gathering hundred herbs • benefiting the people”, and adheres to the proposition of “300-year-old Leiyunshang for health wisdom”. The company abides by the ancestor’s teachings of “selection of drug materials as its sole faith and provision of drugs as its objective”, and carries forward the essence of the science of epidemic febrile disease. The company is a large-scale TCM platform integrating industry, business, chain stores, and TCM clinics. Leiyunshang Group’s main pharmaceutical products include over 400 SFDA-approved tablets, powders, granules, pills, capsules and ointments. The product “Liu Shen Wan” was involved in two state-level intangible cultural heritage projects (traditional preparation method of Leiyunshang Liu Shen Wan and representative bearer of Leiyunshang Liu Shen Wan production techniques) and the formula of the product is classified. Moreover, the company also produces the “National No. 1” Jianyanling capsule. Affiliated to the group, Suzhou Leiyunshang TCM Chain Store Company owns over 50 TCM chain stores, and has China’s time-honored brands including Songfentang, Wang Hongzhu, and Mu Taishan. The company also owns eleven Jiangsu local time-honored brands and centennial stores including Tong Baochun, Liang Li Tang, Ning Yuan Tang, Tian Yi Sheng, and Pan Zi Yi. Leiyunshang TCM Clinic was founded in 2013. As the representative for the continuation and development of Suzhou medical school, Leiyunshang TCM Clinic leverages the modern Chinese medicine resources and combines the health preserving projects to assist the unique large-scale health platform of Leiyunshang, which provides patients with systematic health solutions.

    At present, Leiyunshang Pharmaceutical Group has set up production bases in such areas as Suzhou, Changshu, Shenyang, Changchun, Yunfu and Kunming It possesses many national secret formulas, state protected varieties and exclusive products in such clinical fields as anti-tumor, cardiovascular, liver disease, pediatric disease, respiratory system and kidney disease. Now, Leiyunshang Pharmaceutical Group has become a professional traditional Chinese medicine group boasting many firms and business areas. Based on the traditional Chinese medicine and modern technologies, it has developed a complete industrial chain including research, development, production and sales.

    Grand Biotech Group

    With the continuous development of the pharmaceutical market, Grand Biotech Group is transforming from the traditional biopharmaceutical enterprise to high-tech biopharmaceutical enterprise. The corporation is aiming at the latest international biological therapy targets to carry out the development of a series of genetic engineering drugs, such as antibodies, immunotherapy enzymes, therapeutic vaccines and coagulation factors. Grand Biotech Group includes Sichuan Yuanda Shuyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Liaoning Grand Nuokang Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Grand Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and other outstanding enterprises, in which, Sichuan Yuanda Shuyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is one of the first manufacturing enterprises of blood products in China and its comprehensive strength is in the leading position. The Company has eight series of blood products, among which, the human Hepatitis B immunoglobulin is the pioneer product in Asia. The drug can significantly prolong the life cycle of patients through the clinical application of perioperative administration of liver transplantation. It has won the title "National Key New Product". The independently developed preparation process for dual inactivation of virus without protectives has obtained patents in China, the United States and other countries. The Company's products have spread throughout the country and entered more than 300 3A hospitals. It is China's leading export enterprise of blood products, which has successfully entered into the international market for 13 years. In 2016, the construction of the industry base of Sichuan Yuanda Shuyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was officially started. After the completion of the project, it will comply with the Chinese GMP standards, as well as the EU standards and WHO standards. After the completion of Phase II of the Project, it will launch monoclonal antibody, which is the international frontier product in China.

    Liaoning Grand Nuokang Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a whole value chain pharmaceutical enterprise integrating research, development, production, marketing and management. It has the Chinese invention patent (drug composition patent) of blood coagulation product for injection (trade name: Hemocoagulase). This product has a relatively high market share among similar products in domestic market. It took Liaoning Grand Nuokang Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 8 years to improve the quality standard of Hemocoagulase in accordance with the international norms and it was approved by the CFDA in November 2014 The product has been included in the Pharmacopoeia (2015 Edition).

    Hangzhou Grand Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has the microbial-based bioengineering pharmaceutical technology and production base. The company holds the independent invention patent of the "Bifidobacterium quadruple viable tablet", which is the leading product and has the role of reconstruction of intestinal flora, thus it is widely used in the treatment of digestive disorders. The number of live bacteria contained in the product reaches the maximum value allowed by the WHO. Each gram of the product contains more than 200 million beneficial bacteria. It is the only national first-class new medicine that realizes "different genus of quadruple strains", which plays an important role in connecting China's R & D of micro-ecological preparations and the international market.


    To keep up with the accelerated pace of China’s reform in medical and healthcare system, the pharmaceutical and healthcare business of CGE will continue to pursue high product quality and innovation. Under the guidance of “Loyalty, Sincerity, Diligence and Innovation”, the company will always keep “Serving Society” as the ultimate corporate mission to continuously contribute to the society.