• New Logo, New Global Vision


    Recently, China Grand Enterprises (CGE) officially launched its new logo. The new logo, in a color named as “China Grand Enterprises Red”, is comprised of the enterprise’s Chinese name, which is written in a traditional calligraphic style, and an annulus decorated with the acronym of the enterprise’s English name, which can better demonstrate the features of the enterprise.


    The CGE logo, comprised of a symbol, calligraphic Chinese characters, and English words, is proof of the enterprise’s goal of sustainable development and strategy of globalization. The symbol is an annulus with the acronym “CGE” decorated at the middle and embraced by two arcs. This design is inspired by the skyline and the traditional Chinese philosophy “Round Heaven and Square Earth”. The annulus also symbolizes the enterprise’s momentum of development, global vision and foresight.

    The four calligraphic Chinese characters on the logo are distinctive, vigorous, firm, simple and unrestrained. The red color of the characters signifies the confidence, persistence, enthusiasm, and future commitment of the enterprise. This prudent and passionate color also reflects the enterprise’s corporate spirit of loyalty, sincerity, diligence and innovation.

    The CGE logo, with all parts in great harmony with each other, is prudent yet energetic, traditional yet modern.

    Corporate Introduction:


    China Grand Enterprises, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as CGE), established in 1993, is a joint-stock group company, headquartered in Grand Place, Beijing. As an investment company engaged in operation and management, CGE's core businesses cover pharmaceuticals and healthcare, commercial trade business, property investment, financial services and other industries.