• Grand Pharma Recognized as the ¨Most Valuable Pharmaceutical & Medical Company¨ at the Golden Hong Kong Stock Awards 2018


    On January 16, the Golden Hong Kong Stock Awards 2018, co-sponsored by Zhitong Caijing and Tonghuashun Caijing was held in Shenzhen, at which Grand Pharmaceutical (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ¨Grand Pharma¨) won the great awards of the ¨Most Valuable Pharmaceutical & Medical Company at the Golden Hong Kong Stock Awards 2018.¨

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    The jury committee of the annual Golden Hong Kong Stock Awards evaluates candidates according to their market performance, industry ranking, corporate governance, business model, market influence, capital market performance in the past year, and then compiles the final winning list after factoring a corresponding public voting component. The title of the ¨Most Valuable Pharmaceutical & Medical Company at the Golden Hong Kong Stock Awards 2018,¨ which Grand Pharma received, aims to honor the fastest-growing medical and pharmaceutical company that received massive attention on the capital market and showed great growth potential in 2018. The jury committee spoke highly of Grand Pharma in the citation, saying that ¨Grand Pharma achieved cheerful performance on the capital market in 2018 and has been reputed as a fast-growing dark horse among all pharmaceutical and medical companies listed in Hong Kong.¨ The awarding indicated that the capital market highly recognized Grand Pharma’s outstanding performance in the past and is confident about its future development. 


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    As an internationalized comprehensive pharmaceutical company, Grand Pharma is the first pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world to put forward the concept of ¨major ENT therapy.¨ So far, the company has shifted from the production end to the service end and transitioned from providing therapeutic products for consumers to the practice centered on caring for the feeling of consumers, in hopes to forge an internationalized ENT health industry alliance. As a Chinese leader in the treatment of critical cardiovascular diseases, Grand Pharma has maintained a remarkable performance in the pharmaceutical market. Its core products cover three major fields, namely, ENT, cardiovascular emergency treatment medicine/instruments, and pharmaceutics involving biological technology and special ingredients. In the future, Grand Pharma will continue working hard to accomplish all tasks centered on the realization of its ¨double ten billion¨ goals, so as to completely and fully unleash its market potential and create maximal value for shareholders.