• Grand Pharmaceutical Takes World Health Expo Stage


    From April 7 - 10, 2019, the first World Health Expo (hereinafter referred to as WHE) was held at the Wuhan International Expo Center in Hubei. With the theme of “Science and technology leading to a healthy future”, the WHE aims to examine the future development trend of the massive health industry and display the most cutting-edge science and technology and the most representative enterprises, products, and models. More than 1,800 delegates from 26 countries and regions gathered at the Expo to deepen exchanges and cooperation and seek mutual benefit and win-win results focusing on the development of the massive health industry.

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    As China’s Top 100 company in the pharmaceutical industry and one of the representative pharmaceutical enterprises in Hubei province, Grand Pharmaceutical (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Grand Pharmaceutical) was invited to occupy Exhibition Area B1 where they displayed key products and the company’s innovative achievements in various fields such as tumor intervention, cardiovascular emergency preparations/devices, and biotechnology. In addition, Grand Pharmaceutical also showcased their latest achievements in diagnostics and treatment techniques for crucial diseases such as those which affect the five major TCM organs and the cardiovascular system, give rise to tumors, and other rare illnesses.

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    From April 7-8, leaders from Hubei province, Wuhan city, and Qiaokou District jurisdictions successively visited Grand Pharmaceutical at the exhibition where they learned of the “Yttrium 90” project. The project uses resin microspheres to treat malignant liver cancer with the invention of targeted radioactive treatment.

     “Yttrium 90” resin microspheres are mainly used in the treatment of malignant liver tumors. This product can accurately kill cancer cells and significantly improve the patients’ quality of life. “Yttrium 90” resin microspheres have been used in 47 countries and regions around the world, including the United States which is home to the Food and Drug Administration known for having the most stringent pre-market approval.

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    In 2018, Grand Pharmaceutical and CDH Investment made a bid of nearly 10 billion yuan to acquire the Australian company Sirtex. Their acquisition allowed them to introduce “Yttrium 90”, a liver cancer treatment drug, to China and attract extensive media coverage to the treatment project. During the exhibition, the project was once again at the center of attention. Many leaders, the public, and the media flocked to Grand Pharmaceutical’s booth in hopes of gaining a better understanding of the advanced technology and operating principle of the project. Many of the spectators urgently hoped that the project could be implemented in China as soon as possible so as to benefit the majority of liver cancer patients.

    As Grand Pharmaceutical’s core product series in the field of high-end medical equipment, this exhibition has presented the company with an opportunity to showcase both the “Foresight ICE” series and “Novasight Hybrid” series. Both series were independently researched and developed by Canadian company Conavi for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. At the exhibition Grand Pharmaceutical also showcased the world’s leading drug-coated sacculus with vascular interventional devices which they acquired from German company Cardionovum.

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    In addition, many more star products of Grand Pharmaceutical such as “Eucalyptol, Limonene and Pinene Enteric Soft Capsules”, antiviral oral liquid, Super Bio, Compound Ancklandia and Berberine Tablets, and Polyving Alcohol Eye Drops were also on display.

    As one of the leading enterprises in Hubei’s medical industry, Grand Pharmaceutical has continued to extensively study the massive health field, persist with innovation, optimize products and services, fulfill their social responsibility, power the sustainable development of the “Healthy China” industry, promote a healthy lifestyle, and contribute to building Wuhan as “the city of the world health industry”. While insisting on doing a good job in mature fields such as ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, first-aid medicine, and featured BPC, in recent years Grand Pharmaceutical has realized a strategic layout and technical breakthrough in tumor intervention, medical devices, biotechnology, and rare disease medicine by focusing on transformation and upgrading and continuously improving its core business advantages. Looking at the present, Grand Pharmaceutical will push forward to the goal of modernization and internationalization through a modern management platform and professional technology platform, and strive to become a pharmaceutical enterprise respected by Chinese doctors and patients.