• Grand Shopping Center Platinum Membership Day Reaches Record High, Sales over 100 Million Yuan


    On April 4, 2019, Heilongjiang Grand Shopping Center Spring Platinum Membership Day was once again underway at the Nangang Branch. These times, in more than just a dozen hours sales saw geometric growth and were as high as 107 million yuan, setting a new record for Platinum Membership Day.

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    It happened to rain and snow on Platinum Membership Day, but such weather conditions still did not stop the customers from shopping. Good-quality goods plus ultra-low discounts, as well as the original high-class service and shopping experience, naturally attracted crowds of people. The most intimate services still retain in Grand Shopping Center Platinum Membership Day: customers are provided with free parking areas, free baggage storage, and bag carrying services. All of these intimate and subtle services fully show the care and attention that Grand Shopping Center reserves for its customers.

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    In addition to these heart-warming details, this year’s membership day introduced the internationally popular “smoke bubble tree” to create an immersive and interactive experience for shoppers. The bubbles disappear as soon as they touch the skin and emit a special aroma, but when they come into contact with silk they recover, giving shoppers a pleasant surprise and bringing them joy. In addition, HomePark presented cherry season on Platinum Member Day, collecting 4 types of seasonal cherries and selling them in quantities of 1500 jin. The sales of organic beef directly from Xinjiang by air reached more than 200 jin that day.

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    After years of accumulation, it is no longer a myth for CGE that the daily sales of Platinum Membership Day exceed 100 million, but a number left by CGE when it continuously interprets the business philosophy of fashion, trend, delicacy and elegance. We expect Grand Shopping Center to bring more surprises and services to consumers.