• Milestone Achieved by Grand Pharma’s Sirtex


    Recently, Sirtex Medical Limited, an Australian company acquired by Grand Pharma (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Grand Pharma”) of China Grand Eenterprises, Inc. (CGE), achieved an important milestone. SIR-Spheres® Y-90 resin microspheres, a radiotherapeutic intervention product for the treatment of malignant liver tumors, have been used in a total of 100,000 doses worldwide. According to Grand Pharma, it is expected that the application of this new drug in China will be sped up in order to benefit a greater number of patients in the country as soon as possible.


    Information from the Official Account of Grand Pharma is as follows:


    Sirtex Medical, a leading manufacturer of targeted therapy for liver tumors purchased by Grand Pharma (HK. 00512) in 2018, announced on June 20 (United States local time) that the SIR-Spheres® Y-90 resin microspheres, a radiotherapeutic intervention product for the treatment of malignant liver tumors, have been used in 100,000 doses worldwide. So far, more than 1,000 medical institutions and hospitals around the world are able to deliver this kind of treatment to patients with liver tumors. Meanwhile, according to Grand Pharma, speeding up the application of this new drug in China is expected, making it available on the market as soon as possible.


    Australian medical device manufacturer Sirtex Medical accepted a $1.9 billion ($1.4 billion) buyout offer from China’s CDH Investments and Grand Pharma, introducing SIR-Spheres® Y-90 resin microspheres, the world's exclusive radiotherapeutic drug for liver tumors, which will benefit a huge number of patients suffering from liver tumors in China.

    It has been reported that Y-90 resin microspheres are a permanent implant for single-use only. The product is a targeted radiation therapy for liver tumors, which is designed to kill tumor cells efficiently while doing less harm to normal liver tissue. Therefore, it can not only prolong the life and improve the quality of life of patients, but also help some inoperable patients become eligible for operation, and bring hope to people for liver transplantation.

    Sirtex Medical has proven clinical experience in the treatment of liver tumors and its products have been supplied to more than 1,160 medical centers in over 40 countries, including the United States and Australia, over the past decade. Furthermore, its products have been approved by institutions in most of the world’s major regions, including the US Food and Drug Administration, the world’s most rigorous approval institution. In addition, they have been recommended by international treatment guidelines, including the European Guidelines for Treatment of Hepatoma (2018 edition). In addition, this treatment was included in the Norms of Diagnosis and Treatment for Liver Tumors (2017 edition) published by the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China .

    So far, 100,000 doses of Y-90 resin microspheres have been administered globally, marking a milestone for Sirtex Medical. Moreover, it also means this new drug has been recognized by medical professionals around the world for the efficacy and safety of this treatment on malignant liver tumors. Rich clinical experience and a vast amount of data underpin its approval and registration in China.

    There are many patients with liver tumors in China, accounting for more than 50% of the global morbidity and mortality of people with liver tumors around the world. Due to the lack of effective means of treatment, around 260,000 deaths are caused by cirrhosis and liver tumors from hepatitis B each year in China. CGE's acquisition of Sirtex will provide significant opportunities for the company to enter into the realm of oncology, interventional and nuclear medicine treatment, as well as empower it to further expand business globally and accelerate the promotion of products in China.