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  • China Grand Enterprises, Inc. stands with Wuhan in the fight against the novel coronavirus


    The Spring Festival is traditionally a time for family reunion. But this year, the unpredictable coronavirus outbreak shattered this ordinarily peaceful season and stirred the hearts of the Chinese people. In the face of the outbreak, China Grand Enterprises, Inc. (hereinafter “CGE”) immediately convened an emergency meeting to make urgent deployments and issue emergency orders. Upon receiving their orders, CGE’ employees across China threw themselves into the fight against the epidemic, where victory is the only option.

    In the face of the “war” against the epidemic, we have remained steadfastly at their posts, endured trials and tribulations and thrown themselves into the front line. Through concrete action, they are carrying out their missions, duties and responsibilities as members of the CGE family.

    Every second counts in the face of the epidemic; subsidiaries of CGE stand ready to shoulder their responsibilities as pharmaceutical enterprises

     “Every second counts, please send our medicines to the front line!” The outbreak was spreading rapidly on January 23, the day before the Spring Festival holiday. Leiyunshang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Leiyunshang Pharmaceutical”) immediately held an emergency meeting, and was one of the first enterprises to launch an emergency response plan and commit to supporting Wuhan in the fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic. Leiyunshang Pharmaceutical donated 36000 boxes of Suzhou Leiyunshang liushenwan, worth a total of CNY 1 million, to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation.

    With a formula that is considered as a state secret, Leiyunshang Pharmaceutical’s 150-year-old liushenwan is not only part of China’s National Essential Medicines List and the list of medicines covered by China’s basic medical insurance schemes. Assoc. Prof. Yang Zifeng, part of the team of academicians led by Prof. Zhong Nanshan, recently proved that Leiyunshang Pharmaceutical’s liushenwan can effectively suppress viral lung inflammation and the proliferation of influenza viruses. Published in the latest issue of the internationally renowned Journal of Ethnopharmacology, which is also included in the Science Citation Index, the results of Dr. Yang’s research have been widely recognized by the larger industry. It is precisely such discoveries that give the Suzhou Leiyunshang team hope as well as greater burdens to shoulder.

     “Please send our medicines to outbreak areas as soon as possible”: this was the highest command issued at the emergency meeting held by Leiyunshang Pharmaceutical. It is a mobilization order, a declaration and more importantly, a call for action that must be obeyed.

    Upon the issuance of the command, the company immediately made logistical arrangements and liaised with the Red Cross Society of China to prioritize the supply of its projects to outbreak regions. All departments of Leiyunshang Pharmaceutical responded quickly in deploying existing liushenwan stores onto dedicated transports bound for Wuhan.

    Suzhou Leiyunshang has the capability and duty to meaningfully contribute to the fight against the epidemic.



    In the same boat: All sectors of society come together to fight the coronavirus epidemic

    Headquartered in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak and the main battlefield in the fight against the epidemic, Grand Pharma (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Grand Pharma”) has found itself fearlessly facing an unprecedented sense of duty. All for one and one for all; Grand Pharma will stand and work with the people of Wuhan in overcoming present hardships with confidence and a sense of duty.

    Emergency deployments to support the front line. On January 23, in the face of the fluid epidemic situation, Grand Pharma made an urgent decision to donate more than 1.5 million worth of anti-viral liquid medicines produced by its subsidiary, Yuanda Pharmaceutical Huangshi Feiyun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to the Wuhan Red Cross Foundation and the Qiaokou District government to support containment and treatment efforts in Wuhan. In less than 24 hours, Grand Pharma mobilized all departments to dispatch 60,000 boxes of medicines from existing inventories in the Wuhan region to warehouses designated by the Wuhan Red Cross Foundation and the Qiaokou District government to provide a store of medicines for anti-epidemic efforts that may be deployed at a moment’s notice.

    All for one and one for all. On January 26, Grand Pharma made a compassionate donation of more than CNY 1 million worth of Eucalyptol, Limonene and Pinene Enteric Capsules, a medicine for respiratory disorders, to the Wuhan Red Cross Society, which was urgently dispatched from its subsidiary Johamu. On January 27, Xi’an Beilin Pharma, also a subsidiary of Grand Pharma, donated more than CNY 200,000 worth of Traditional Chinese Medicine supplements to the Wuhan Red Cross Society through the Xi’an Red Cross Society, including the jinsang kaiyinwan and jinsang sanjiewan.

    At the time this article was published, Grand Pharma and its subsidiaries have donated a total of more than CNY 2.7 million worth of medicines to support anti-epidemic efforts. Supplies to the front line are ongoing.



    In the fight against the epidemic, where victory is the only option, we support all medical staffs fighting at the frontline

    On New Year's Eve, news that hospitals were short of supplies arrived. Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Huadong Medicine”) convened an urgent internal emergency meeting and established contacts with relevant government authorities to explore ways of sending leading Huadong Medicine’s products to the front line.

    On January 25, an emergency medical response team was dispatched from Zhejiang Province to Wuhan. Upon receiving the news, Huadong Medicine immediately took action, dispatching its leading product, Corbrin capsules, a national Category I traditional Chinese medicine, to support the angels in white fighting at the front line.

    On January 26, Huadong Medicine again donated more than 30,000 boxes of Corbrin capsules to frontline medical personnel from the national health commission systems of 11 administrative divisions across Zhejiang Province and 12 provincial-level hospitals.


    When the outbreak occurred, Huadong Medicine shouldered its responsibility as a pharmaceutical enterprise and held the safety of medical personnel at heart. As frontline medical personnel protected the lives and safety of the people in a highly intense fight against the epidemic, Huadong Medicine donated more than CNY 2 million worth of supplies to support the government and medical institutions in their fight against the epidemic.

    Pharmaceutical enterprises carry out their social responsibilities with professional expertise

    At 13:30 on January 28th, Liaoning Nuokang Biopharma Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Nuokang Biopharma”), a subsidiary of CGE, finished loading a consignment of Ribavirin sprays, a wide-spectrum anti-viral agent manufactured by Penglai Nuokang onto transports bounded for the front line. Upon the issuance of a single command, this urgent consignment, bearing more than 50,000 Ribavirin sprays worth more than CNY 1 million, was dispatched to the front lines.

    In the eighth and ninth editions of the standard internal medicine textbook compiled by national medical authorities, Ribavirin ranks at the top of list of effective viral inhibitors recommended for the treatment of viral pneumonia, a category to which COVID-19 pneumonia also belongs.

    As a team dedicated to professionalism, supplying the best medical products to outbreak regions is a duty that CGE must bear as a pharmaceutical enterprise. This CNY 1 million Ribavirin consignment will be donated as planned to the Wuhan Red Cross Society upon reaching the city, and deployed in the fight against the epidemic.


    We have persevered in their posts during this Spring Festival, each contributing to the battle against the epidemic in his or her own way through toil and sweat.

    We will push forward bravely and shoulder the company’s responsibility as a pharmaceutical enterprise. In the face of every major epidemic or disaster over the years, CGE’s strong sense of duty and mission as a pharmaceutical enterprise has always pushed the company to respond at the first instance.

    The outbreak is not yet over, and medical personnel are still continuing the fight at the front line. We will continue to keep abreast of the latest developments and immediately respond as needed. We stand ever ready to support Wuhan in the fight against the novel coronavirus.