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  • Grand Bay Hotel Beijing Had Its First Online Live Show By Exploring New Marketing Models


    As work resumption in the hotel industry continuously advances, Grand Bay Hotel Beijing (hereinafter referred to as Grand Bay Hote) is also constantly exploring new marketing models. Through the combination of the current situation and the characteristics of the hotel service industry, Grand Bay Hotel organized the first hotel live show. The number of viewers on Grand Bay Hotel livestreaming on that day far exceeded the number of viewers on the livestreamings of concurrent hotels in Beijing region. In the six-day rush buying activity held in the same period, the total revenue was RMB hundreds of thousands of yuan. This first live show not only achieved a double harvest of publicity and revenue, but also made a beneficial exploration for further marketing innovation.

    Livestreaming marketing springs up rapidly in 2020, contributing to the entry of large enterprise groups and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises into the field for trial. Against this backdrop, Grand Bay Hotel also keeps up with the trend to cooperate with Fliggy to promote itself in the Taobao livestreaming room. In virtue of the hot time, Mother’s Day, this livestreaming was officially held on May 10, completing a large-scale conversion of 13 scenarios. Grand Bay Hotel was introduced and displayed to people thoroughly through a variety of scenarios and contents, so as to attract potential customers.

    Before the livestreaming, Grand Bay Hotel carried out sufficient advance publicity, and was spread hundreds of thousands of times through WeChat, Taobao and other communication means. In the livestreaming, the host and the audience fully interacted with each other to retain potential customers with enjoyment. After the livestreaming, Grand Bay Hotel conducted review and summary and kept relevant data, so as to prepare well for the next livestreaming. On one hand, online livestreaming has helped accumulate tens of thousands of flow, on the other hand, it has also helped open up a new marketing model, in which high priority is given to users’ needs, so as to carry out business “skills” with higher efficiency and higher pace. While ensuring the quality of offline services, Grand Bay Hotel also combined with the online livestreaming to take its advantage of time and space. In this way, users can not only get offline experience, but also get online sharing. Through this first live show, Grand Bay Hotel has launched and promoted a new marketing model of “online livestreaming + rush buying + offline experience” for the hotel. 


    Grand Bay Hotel is affiliated to the Zhuhai Grand Bay Hotel Management Co., Ltd. After more than two decades of continuous accumulation and innovation, the “Grand Bay Hotel” has now grown into a well-known five-star hotel brand and boasts an excellent five-star hotel management and operation team. In the near future, the "Grand Bay Hotel" will integrate new marketing models with the hotel’s overall marketing strategies, and unleash endless potential.