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  • Huadong Medicine Entered the Directory of “the Best Listed Companies of New Fortune”


    The second directory of “the Best Listed Companies of New Fortune” emerged recently and Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Huadong Medicine) entered the directory.

    The review panel of the second directory of the best listed companies of new fortune continued the use of “the information transparency indicators of Chinese listed companies” as an important indicator to comprehensively review the information quality and reputation of Chinese listed companies. Huadong Medicine has cultivated the industrial field for years, maintained good business status and profit, constantly brought stable investment return to investors and has built valuable reputation in the capital market with credible and transparent corporate culture. Eventually, it stood out from 3,461 companies and entered the directory of “the Best Listed Companies of New Fortune”.


    The stock price of Huadong Medicine increased by over 50 times from the end of 1999 to the end of 2019. Since its listing, the business performance of Huadong Medicine has developed progressively and the return on equity (ROE) has been higher than 20% for 13 consecutive years since 2007; it has distributed its dividends 17 times, with the cumulative distributed cash dividends exceeding RMB 4.1 billion, thereby providing stable and long-term return to shareholders and investors, while maintaining sustainable and quality development.


    In the future, Huadong Medicine will continue to uphold the corporate concept of “research based and patient centered” in line with the medical and health industry, having   the three major areas of anti-tumor, endocrine and autoimmune as the core focus, taking the development of original drugs and high-tech barrier generic drugs as the foundation and strategic theme for building   future core competitiveness, and striding towards breakthrough innovation.